We welcome you to Fagerhøy Fjellstue, "High Mountain Lodge" in Hallingdal. Bilde av Lises fagerhøy 063

The mountain lodge was built at the beginning of the 1950’s and has been extensively modernized on a couple of occasions since then. Most recently in 2004 and 2010.
Today the mountain lodge is a comfortable hotel with a distinct homelike atmosphere so characteristic of the Norwegian tradition of a “fjellstue”. It has several lounges and small settee areas, where guests can relax and digest in comfort the personal experiences and impressions of the day. It has a lovely dining room with that Bilde av Peisestuespecial Nordic light that seats 80 guests.
All in all the mountain lodge is a homely, relaxed and embracing place. 


There are 25 twin/double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms all of which can accommodate at least two people.  
And 1 appartment with 3 bedrooms, kitchen og living roomBilde av Rom marianne


What we particularly pride ourselves in at Fagerhøy Mountain Lodge – leaving the magnificent surroundings aside for a moment – is our food. Everything is prepared and cooked from scratch, and our Danish chef  is very keen to produce food that not only tastes good but looks good as well.

We have our own smokery that we use for smoking meat, fish and wildfowl. Renowned in the area is our smoked salmon. When we have group bookings, we very often enjoy an evening in the smokery with guests taking part and where the dinner is taken there as well: freshly smoked Norwegian salmon with all the traditional trimmings: sour cream, “spekemat”, potato salad, fresh salad, scramled egg Bilde av Jan med laks 1and flatbread. All of this with gentle whiffs of smoke in your nostrils coming from the smokery.
Weather permitting we sometimes dine on our outside patio overlooking the lake.

The nature surrounding Fagerhøy

Fagerhøy is situated at 1000 m above sea level right on the tree line. We have extensive views to mountain tops in the area. And after a couple of hours of trekking you reach summits from where you can see the Hardanger National Park and in good weather conditions Bilde av Hallingskarvetalso the Hardanger Jøkul (glacier). But perfect for a little evening stroll is a walk up to our own little summit at 1034 m above sea level. It takes only 15 minutes to walk there, and from the summit you have an excellent view across to the fells in Hemsedal, Geilo and the Gol Fell. The terrain around Fagerhøy is generally easy for hiking. There are no steep climbs and the whole plateau opens up to wonderful views.

The surrounding area

A short distance away by car, app. 30 minutes, we are fortunate to have the biggest attraction of the area, Langedrag Nature Park, which is a singularly Norwegian experience. The site is situated at 1000 m above sea level and has fantastic panoramic views over lakes and mountains. All the buildings are log cabins (in Norwegian “laftehusa”) which is the old Norwegian way of building houses whereby whole tree trunks are kitted together which gives you a solid structure, a warm interior and a very harmonic house with turf on the roof.. The houses themselves are not the main attraction however.Bilde av Gol stavkirke lille The main focal point at Langedrag are the animals and particularly the wolves. There are two wolf kennels there. One with wild wolves in which you can experience how shy the wolf really is. And one which shows an altogether different side of a wolf. Here you will find two domesticated wolves which have grown up with human beings, and today after five years of domestication it is still possible for the two people who have known the wolves from little to walk up to them feed them and generally be leader of the pack. Warnings wereBilde av Reinsdyr på Åkrafjell raised from animal sanctuaries from around the world that this sort of behaviour would be impossible once the wolves had come of age, but they have demonstrated at Langepark that it is possible. In addition to wolves Langedrag is involved in a project which aims at saving the mountain fox which is now an endangered species in Norway today due to worsening living conditions. Apart from the mountain fox Langedrag shows the following animals: zo lynx, and then of course all the well known species such as pigs, horses,Bilde av Langedrag Tunetnorfoto[1] oxen, sheeps, etc., but at Langedrag they are dedicated to showing us how the animals were before we humans began interfering with nature. So all these ordinary animals are of the “old model”, i.e. the original race. To allow you to learn as much as possible during your visit there are guided tours run by the staff who deal with the animals on a daily basis.Bilde av bjørn

Within a distance from Fagerhøy of one hour’s drive by car we also have a Bear Park with the brown bear as its main attraction, but a park which also houses many old and characteristic farm buildings and farming implements and throughout the summer plays are performed there with topics from Hallingdal, our main valley.

As for longer day trips away from Fagerhøy we recommend the adventure road into the fjord area with among other things on the way one of Norway’s oldest stave churches. A visit to the Flom Railway (the world’s steepest incline) can be combined with a visit to a wild salmon centre in the old town of Lærdal and with a drive along the “snow road” where even in summer you will find road verges covered in meter high snow.

The winter at FagerhøyBilde av Snø eventyr

We have excellent opportunities for winter sport activities. The most natural choice for our guests would be “langrenn” or level skiing. Just outside our front door the long distance level ski slopes start, and there are more than 100 maintained and signposted long distance ski routes. So whether you want a ski trip into the open fells or in a sheltered wood land environment , the options are there. That in itself means that you can go skiing virtually irrespective of the weather. If you are a beginner who wants to concentrate on easyBilde av Lunsj-ved-Holmevann-vinter- going level skiing or a more experienced skier with a lust for challenges in the shape of steep hills or drops, it is all possible for you in our area. There are several good round trips of 6 - 10 - 12 km or even up to 30 km, and in addition to that no end of off piste opportunities.

In less than half an hour you will find yourself on the first small summit which even has fantastic views to the Hemsedal fells and to Bilde av Dyna med TorshovGeilo. There are tables and chairs there, so if you feel hungry, you can unpack your “nistepakke” (packed lunch) and enjoy the view and the surrounding countryside. And above all – enjoy a bit of peace and quiet which is so characteristic of Myking. There are very few tourists here unlike the more crowded tourist centres of Hemsedal, Geilo or Rjukan. This feeling of being one with nature out there on your own is something our guests cherish and which brings them back again and again. A genuine Norwegian gem !Bilde av Svartevann tre vinter

As you can see from the above Fagerhøy is centrally situated fir the
fells of Norway and for excursions into for example the Hardanger National Park, the fjords or animal or nature parks.

We would very much like to show you what Fagerhøy has to offer as a “fjellstue” or mountain lodge and what the local area has got in Bilde av Løype ved Dynastore for visitors. We therefore invite you to come and see us at Fagerhøy for example during the summer and try it out for yourself.

You are very welcome to contact me for further information and for an optional visit in the summer.

We hope that you find as we do that Fagerhøy is a natural starting point for trips in Norway. And we very much look forward to seeing you with us in the fells of Norway.